Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crazy "macroburst" storm

Kate and I were in Rockville, Maryland with friends Sunday night. When we were driving back into Arlington Monday morning we came across a strange sight: lots of trees down in a very concentrated area (there was no real damage that we saw coming in). The area included my parents' house (they're fine).

Apparently they had a "macroburst" Sunday night - two storms converged and sent a quick burst of wind down into the neighborhood. This video presents some of the damage. All the shots are just a couple blocks away from my parents' house. I went to school with the kid of the guy in the red shirt at 1:40.

Our fourth of July over there (with my niece and nephew, who came in from Chicago) went on without a problem, though!

Storms Sweep Through DC, Man Killed While Biking : MyFoxDC.com

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