Thursday, July 14, 2011

A point on sources

Whenever I quote Keynes on here, I get it from this website, unless its a passage that I know I've underlined, dog-eared, and highlighted to death in my own copy in which case it's easier to find there. Often I don't cite page numbers, etc. - but I should note the chapter. So you can always go there and do a word search.

Don't let the url scare you away - take a look at the main site and see what else they have. It really is a phenomenal resource.


  1. (this is a meta-collection site; it allows you search collections of collections in other words; it is my primary resource for search out free online books)

  2. I use this copy:
    As far as I know it's identical to the one at and to the printed ones.

  3. Actually, it's a good way of spiting modern-day communists too.

    Marxists.Org is run by "Trotskyists" and relatively less radical socialists, and that manages to anger the many self-styled true communists.

    So go ahead, quote from Marxists.Org and annoy a communist.


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