Saturday, July 16, 2011

Caribbean Voodoo and Zombie Posts

A couple interesting posts on zombies and voodoo lately, so I figured I might as well collect them all:

- Gary shared a video of Zora Neale Hurston talking about her experience with Haitian voodoo and zombies:

The picture of a zombie that she mentions taking is this one:

The picture was published in Life Magazine back in the 1930s, but Tyler Cowen recently pointed readers to more recent Life Magazine pictures of Haitian voodoo here.

- And Ryan Murphy shares something scarier even than zombies: communist zombies.

- This is a good enough time as any to tell readers that if you missed the first season of The Walking Dead this past October, you're really missing out and you should watch it before the next season comes on.

- Of course, to come back to voodoo, zombies are not the worst thing they're interested in raising up to wreak havoc on the Earth.

- And one of my favorite scenes from Zombieland, although they skip the best part of it. Next he says "I've never hit a kid before, but I mean that's like asking who Gandhi is" [UPDATE: I was wrong! After posting this yesterday morning I felt compelled to watch Zombieland again. He says "that's like asking who Gandhi is" when later in the movie the girl doesn't know Bill Murray either. My apologies.]:


  1. Just to add to your list:

  2. Totally unrelated, but I was quite disappointed that AMC did not re-up Rubicon for a second season.


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