Monday, July 11, 2011

At an all-day STEM workforce workshop

I'm looking forward to this.

Dynamics of the S&E Labor Market:
Projections, Regulations, and Employment Patterns
Hosted by ISIM at Georgetown University
Mortara Center for International Studies

The purpose of this workshop is to review projections of the demand for and supply of science and engineering (S&E) workers, regulations governing the admission of foreign S&E workers and employers, and hiring patterns in S&E labor markets. The workshop will discuss how projections are made and evaluated; current OPT, H-1B and PERM regulations and proposed changes; S&E employer hiring patterns and S&E worker experience over the business cycle. We plan another workshop on the impacts of foreign S&E students and workers.

Speakers will make 10-15 minute presentations, followed by discussion of the presentations made in each session. We are grateful to the Sloan Foundation for support of this workshop.

Projections of S&E Workers
Jim Voytuk and Peter Henderson, National Research Council’s Board on Higher Education and Workforce
Anthony Carnevale, Georgetown University

Regulating the Admission of Foreign S&E Workers: OPT, H-1B, PERM
Francis Cissna and Sharon Snyder, US Department of Homeland Security
Andrew Sherrill, US Government Accountability Office
Ruth Wasem, Congressional Research Service

Employer Hiring Patterns in S&E Labor Markets: the Natural Sciences, Engineering, and IT
Gerald Marschke, State University of New York-Albany
Norm Matloff, University of California, Davis
Hal Salzman, Rutgers University
Paula Stephan, Georgia State University

Perspectives from Employers, Unions, and Congress
Paul Almeida, AFL-CIO Department for Professional Employees
Lynn Frendt Shotwell, American Council on International Personnel

Summary and Conclusions

...and then they're wining and dining us.

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