Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Outsourcing deep thoughts

Its been pretty busy lately, so while I can throw out a few points on the Grinch, I haven't had time to really review a few other things I've been wanting to, so I'm going to outsource a few things.

Here is Jonathan and Mattheus on the third chapter of Hayek's Prices and Production, which I still haven't gotten a chance to read and comment on, but hope to at some point.

Here is Scott Kuhagen on the recent health reform ruling in Virginia. I also found this piece on the role of the Commerce Clause in this decision useful. Readers know I'm no fan of the mandate, but I think the Constitutional case against it is somewhat weaker than the policy and economic case against it. The reason for this, I think, is that proponents and detractors alike have focused far too much on the Commerce Clause and far too little on the General Welfare and Necessary and Proper clauses, which I which I think are the necessary and proper ways of defending a mandate. But even if one were to defend the constitutionality of the mandate, I have serious doubts about the wisdom of the measure.

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