Friday, December 31, 2010

One application submitted!!!!!!

Georgetown University, right across the Potomac River from us - Kate's alma mater for her master's degree - a beautiful campus and a great economics program. Prof. Albrecht and Prof. Vroman especially have done a lot of work on search and matching theory that I'd love to become involved with - this is extremely high on my list - right up there with Maryland.

You can see the river from this shot - that's Potomac Boat Club on the river. When I rowed crew in high school on the Potomac, we rowed out of Thompson's Boat House, which is a little down river. Races would start just a little up river from Potomac Boat Club. I still kayak on the river on this section all the time and pass this spot.


  1. Good luck, Dude.

    I'm feeling less strongly about the PhD than I was a few months ago, but still got it nagging at me! (In other words, getting my own applications together...)


    PS - In case anyone was wondering about my scarcity over the last month or so; back home in the warm hemisphere with some good summer road-tripping thrown into the mix. Not particularly conducive to sitting down in front of a PC ;)

  2. Somebody like you, who takes a real and deep interest in really understanding economics, really ought to be accepted. Good luck!

  3. Georgetown is on my list for an MA as well. I'm also considering George Mason, NYU, Chicago, yadda yadda. I've got a few years to think, so I'm in no rush.

    Good luck on getting accepted.


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