Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year's Resolution - A Little Early

So I've decided on my New Year's Resolution, and it's going to cut considerably into blog time. My goal now is to write at least 250 words before I start blogging in the morning. Some days it can be harder to write than others - I'm not sure how that limit will work out and maybe it'll need to be tweaked. But that's the plan.

I'm starting a little early (i.e. - now) because I'm wrapping up my applications and my Encyclopedia of American Populism essays. In the new year I'll be finishing off my NBER book chapter on the labor supply of engineers. I'm also hoping to write a quick, couple page comment to the Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics. Then we'll see - I have a few article ideas in their infancy and I really need to focus on this work.

I may completely botch this, and things may go on as normal, or I may considerably cut down my time here (God knows I've been trying to all fall) and get more work done.

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