Friday, December 17, 2010


This data is incredible.

I have a post with some quick analyses I did coming up tomorrow morning.

I've played around with a few more things.

Two billion time series. Wow. I sure am glad I'm not a dogmatic a priorist.


  1. I checked for the word "normalcy" on the Google NGram.

    Normalcy is what we call the normal state of things when we no longer take it for granted.

    "Normalcy" has soared in usage since 1914, and has soared even further after 1960. The only decline in the usage of "normalcy" was in the 1950s, but even then it was only used as frequently as it was during the early years of wartime.

    So not only have we long stopped taking a normal state of things for granted, we may not have experienced any normal state of things for nearly 100 years.

  2. There's a good Warren Harding word!


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