Monday, December 6, 2010

Light posting this week and maybe for a little while longer...

This is going to be a busy week - I'm going to be in Indianapolis on my first site visit for work from Tuesday afternoon through Thursday night. Normally I'm just crunching numbers at the Urban Institute, but for the first time I'll actually be conducting interviews at a program site. I'm going to be evaluating an apprenticeship program with one of the foremost American economists that studies the subject, Robert Lerman.

I'll be back Friday, probably frantically doing other work, and then Friday night through Sunday I'll be in Williamsburg, Virginia to celebrate my three year anniversary. One of the places we're going to be going is The Trellis - a very nice restaurant in Colonial Williamsburg that was somewhat out of our price range when Kate and I were students there.

I'm hoping this hiatus will ween me off of regular morning blogging, so in the week or two after I get back I can do a lot more work finishing off my applications, writing up my entries for the Encyclopedia of American Populism, and make major progress on the NBER chapter.

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