Monday, June 3, 2013

When life gives you lemons....

So I had the life force sucked out of me in a five hour encounter with the hell-spawn known as comprehensive exams. It was tough. And long. The half I think I got decently well is graded by a professor that really goes over it with a fine-tooth comb (so no real assurance). The other half I know I nailed several of the problems but had holes in others... I am not coming home feeling like I rocked it, but it's not like I bombed it either (and everyone said it was tough, which is weirdly comforting). Which means limbo until I hear.

So my title was going to be something like "hell-spawn has sucked the life out of me", but I changed it to something more upbeat, because you know what - there are bright spots in life.

I had two emails waiting (from Kate and twitter from Grant) that are featured in the last two posts that both made me smile.

I also came home to an email with an offer to teach an undergraduate history of thought class in the fall (needless to say - AWESOME). Fall will be busy, so we'll see if that will work but it's an honor to be asked and I'm hoping it can work.

And on the walk home I was thinking a lot about two other things that cheered me up. First, and less importantly, the Infometrics Fellowship I'm about to start and all the great writing I'll do this summer. I wrote last summer too - I just didn't get paid for it. That's a pretty big difference. And this is going to be good serious work too.

Second - and more important... my Caroline (that's the top name choice right now - very, very likely although there are a few contenders). It is impossible to stay in a funk these days knowing that I'm just a couple months away from meeting the most amazing girl in the world, tied only with the one I met ten years ago. I don't even know Caroline yet and I'm already head-over-heels for her.

So if she ever has a rough day like mine was today, I'm going to try to keep all this in mind and let her know that "Caroline, you'll do just fine":


  1. I'm not one for "American country music" (unless I'm mistaken the genre), but I do think that "Caroline" sounds like a nice name for your incoming daughter.

  2. Well done, dude. Hope the final grades go your way and it's a huge relief to put that stuff behind you.


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