Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The surest way to escalate violence at OWS events...

...not linking arms, but getting between shoppers and retailers on Black Friday (HT - Evan).

I'm sort of being funny, but not really actually. It sounds like they're talking about both occupying large retailers and boycotting them. Boycotting is fine, but if they get in peoples' way in the stores I wouldn't be surprised to hear about fights.

This was precious: "We're not anti-capitalist, we are anti-crapitalist" :)

We often go early-morning Black Friday shopping, but it sounds like I might not have to this year.

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  1. I agree, boycotting is entirely acceptable, but once they begin denying access of others to certain facilities, they are no longer a peaceful movement in my opinion. And, yes. Fights will probably come as a result.

    While I haven't had any contact with the movement I do have friends that live in the cities where the movement is prominent. At first, these friends were sympathetic to OWS, but they have grown more and more annoyed as time has progressed. Much of this is due to either denying access, loss of business and/or property damage.

    I don't like to paint a broad brush upon a movement based upon the actions of a few individuals, but not everybody thinks this way. Unfortunately, much of the bad things attributed to only a few individuals seems to now be growing to a larger part of the movement.


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