Monday, November 21, 2011

Sentences of the day

Robert Skidelsky: "Politicians are masters at “passing the buck.” Everything good that happens reflects their exceptional talents and efforts; everything bad is caused by someone or something else."


  1. Indeed, but such is politics. Keynes once made the observation that the flexibility of a politician is a necessity to survive in a representative democracy, but I can't recall his exact words right now.

    Out of curiosity Daniel Kuehn, did you get my message(s) on Facebook?

  2. The last three I sent. Sorry for sending them relatively close, I keep neglecting that you have important priorities other than your blog (namely, real life).

  3. Same sentiment, heard from a guy in prison:

    "I never met a guy who got here who wasn't framed or it was somebody else's fault, and I never heard of a rich bastard who didn't think he got there by his own hard work and brains."

    Invisible Backhand


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