Monday, February 28, 2011

Three links on Keynes

- The Economist discusses Keynesian uncertainty in an article introducing new work on a third way between efficient market hypothesis and the complete abandonment of market efficiency.

- William Milberg, of the New School for Social Research, suggests we need a new Keynes. He talks about methodological disputes in economics in the past, and the current dispute that's going on. He also suggests that the three contenders in that dispute aren't up to the task, and that we need a new Keynes with a more holistic, revolutionary solution rather than one that just patches up old arguments.

- Tom Walker compares Hutt and Keynes and finds Hutt lacking. Has anybody ever read Hutt? That's one I've always thought would be worth reading some day.

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  1. I like Hutt a lot. He has a very Bastiat feel to him.


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