Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rand and Webb on Legislative/Executive balance of power

Here at Cato and here at The National Interest.

More thoughts on this later I hope.

I generally agree. I'm not an expert in this area but as far as I can tell there have been no obvious violations. In this I probably disagree with at least Rand and maybe Webb. But even if there is no violations of the letter of the law we can obviously stress the spirit of the law. That happens and this balance of power oscillates, but it's an important thing to talk about and have it start swinging back.


  1. It long ago ceased to be a balance of power and became a matter of total incompetence.

    Moreover, contested authority by incompetents could not possibly create a better outcome.

    It is estimated that it takes 10,000 hours to become competent at anything today. Other than getting elected, how many of our representatives or senators have competence on anything?

    Exactly how many have been in Congress long enough to have 10,000 hours to master Iran?

    Hell, none of us have mastered Iran. Who has ever been there? Who even knows an informed Iranian?

    Look at the most simple of strategic questions. If we were to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, successfully, what sort of asymmetric war should be expect, where, for how long? Someone on this blog says that 100 AL Qaeda in Afghanistan has occupied 150,000 soldiers.

    Iran has 75 million people. If they mobilize merely 1000 fighters, would we need a deployed military of 1.5 million?

    Look at the folly of Paul and Kruz. After that performance, is anyone ever going to entrust any information of substance to either? If you were in the State Dept or CIA or DOD would you ever reveal or disclose anything to either.

    In a few hours they assured their incompetence for the entirety of their service.


  2. today's Financial Times has a very interesting essay on Iraq. Not a bad starting point for thinking about drones.

  3. The humorous thing about Webb is that he complains about Congressional abdication after having bailed out of the Senate after just one term.


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