Wednesday, March 27, 2013

For you guys that like betting on predictions...

... Kate and I have a bet. Based on what I've heard about how mothers carry the baby and a few other factors, I am guessing we're going to have a girl. She says a boy. The loser has to partake in an activity of the winner's choice.

On the ride in this morning I would be doing a yoga class and she would go to a historical site with me (I had mentioned Mount Vernon).

Now she tells me it will be pedicures...

...the stakes have been raised, so I think I'll have to figure out something a little less user-friendly than Mount Vernon (that's to their credit, of course - they are one of the best in that department... but it won't do in a bet where I'm facing the prospect of a pedicure).

We have awesome baby names for both, so either way it will be fine. And if it's a boy he'll come into this world knowing his father has beautifully maintained toes (pedicures are toes, right?).


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  2. Kate has more information than you do.

    1. Maybe... it would be interesting to see if women's predictions of the sex is more accurate than their significant others.

      Another way to look at it is that my perspective on how she's carrying it and how its shaped is less distorted because she's looking down at it.

      It's also probably relevant to note that she was adamant about it being a boy basically because I had suggested it was a girl... not for any particular reason. At least that was my impression :)

  3. haha the signal is definitely noisy.


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