Saturday, March 16, 2013

Economists whose work I need to better acquaint myself with

- Glenn Ellison, MIT

- Anne Preston, Haverford College


  1. Would it be safe to presume that you plan on one of the three following things?

    1.) Citing a scholarly article by Glenn Ellison or Anne Preston.

    2.) Contacting either of them in the future.

    3.) Possibly collaborating with either of them or both of them on a research project or a journal article in the future.

    Which of the three is it?

    1. Just getting to know the literature, although I'll be citing Preston in a paper this semester.

  2. I'm surprised you're interested in Ellison--I guess he's written some empirically-minded papers recently, but when I think of him (and hear other people talk about him), it's as a pretty hardcore IO theorist.


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