Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I think I would have made a good Cold War liberal

That's all


  1. Like the late Henry "Scoop" Jackson??

  2. Or like Daniel Ellsberg, as he conceived of himself before he decided to release the Pentagon Papers? XD

  3. Well I was thinking JFK guys :)

    No, I was just musing on the things that bother me about Democrats and Republicans and realized I would have been a decent Democrat (not the Dixiecrat wing) several decades ago.

  4. So you would have pushed the notion of a missile gap? Note that Kennedy's claims along these lines were a significant reason (along with other things like the Bay of Pigs invasion) why the Soviets thought that Kennedy was a militarist nut and is much of the reason behind the Soviet desire to put missiles in Cuba, thus lead to the Cuban Missile Crisis. Kennedy did a bunch of quite foolish things during his political career.


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