Sunday, December 23, 2012

I'm excited for this book

Their Fair Share book cover

From the Urban Institute Press: "The president with a progressive reputation who proves more pragmatic than his ardent supporters had hoped. The legislators who serve the media apoplectic rhetoric. The magnates who pay no income tax and defend themselves with the perfectly true argument that doing so is 100 percent legal. And the public keenly invested in seeing everyone pay their fair share. Joseph J. Thorndike's history of the U.S. federal tax system from the 1920s until the end of World War II might feel familiar. Yet Thorndike's mining of governmental and popular media archives yields vital insights about our tax code and how we feel about it."

One of my life goals is to one day publish a book with the Urban Institute Press. As if I wasn't a big enough fan of the Urban Institute already, now they come out with economic history! I'm sold :)

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  1. They managed to stay mired in Depression for more than a decade by sticking it to the rich. Why can't we do the same?!


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