Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A big day in the militarization of space

The U.S. military launched it's reusable shuttle (the third launch) - we knew it was going to happen but the mission for the shuttle is still uncertain.

Less anticipated was North Korea, who surprised us with a long-range missile earlier today and now some people think it might have put something into orbit.

My view is that as long as we have nation-states anywhere humans are will be militarized. We ought to stay on the cutting edge of human expansion out into space. It is going to happen, and it's better that a liberal market democracy leads the push, particularly since we can bet it's going to be every bit as militarized as everywhere else we set foot..


  1. Why do we agree on so much, except whom to vote for?

  2. If you think it's better a liberal market democracy leads the push, you would perhaps argue that the US should shut down its military space exploration and leave the military space exploration to Sweden.

    Our democracy is sclerotic. Our elections don't even meet standards for international inspectors. The gerrymandering is egregious, and resulted in the wrong party (the one with fewer votes) winning the most seats in the House. Markets? We have monopolies. Et cetera et cetera.


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