Friday, December 21, 2012

Daniel Kuehn's commenters >> Brian Doherty's commenters

You often hear that Daily Kos and Krugman commenters are jerks or idiots. is a big platform, so it's a nice opportunity to demonstrate the sort of crap a lot of non-libertarians deal with.

I am sorry for ever whining about isolated commenters here over trolling or ad hominems. There was one regular troll we had maybe two years ago that got this bad, but I've never had a comment section like Doherty's.

I am, apparently, a jackoff, an amoral monster, I think that "a dead brown foreign child is only 1/200 of an american child" (not true, just to clarify buddy), a douchebag (this guy also thinks I think it's worse to kill white kids), apparently some think it's the fact that the Newtown kids are Christian that I allegedly think it's worse than killing other sorts of children, again I don't care about brown children and am supplying leftists with reasons to go to war in Syria, this guy thinks it's not just because they're white that I like them better - it's because they're affluent, this guy thinks I'd react differently under a Republican president (same with this guy). That's easy to verify people. I blogged under Bush too and I have a search function on my blog. I have consistently been anti-torture, pro-drone, anti-Iraq, pro-Afghanistan, pro-not-treating-combatants-like-criminals. This guy thinks it's not just because the kids are white or affluent, it's because they're cute! I'm an idiot.

It's not about me, but there's a string about how the American media is close to Pravda, just to show you how paranoid these guys are. Krugman is apparently nuts for pointing out that biases in Fox and MSNBC are not symmetrical, but these guys are totally straight-laced for thinking our press is like a state news source (one guy says its worse than Pravda!).

Also not about me, but this guy thinks that the left wants to murder NRA members and suspend the Constitution (again - paranoid much?)

The thread does get better as you move further down.

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  1. You should read what they say about you at Murphy's!

    And me? "Ken B is as bad as Lincoln." I plead guilty!


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