Thursday, December 13, 2012

An interesting two sentences

"I have lived through three hyperinflations and can testify that it is undeniably unpleasant, but not really a disaster. It's the flu, not pneumonia."

Guess who said it. No cheating.


  1. It's not worth making a puzzle out of unless its Hayek.

    Or maybe Mises.

  2. It's an interesting remark, and unexpected, but its author says in the footnote: "I was personally somewhat protected from them since I was an American diplomatic official" - which seems to undercut his judgement somewhat.

  3. Replies
    1. lol

      I don't literally laugh out loud every time I write "lol", but this one is an accurate description.

    2. Well let me put it this way - I don't know Major Freedom's real name so it could be. But if this guy is Major Freedom then I have just lost a ton of respect for him.

      Granted, I'd gain some respect for Major Freedom, but that bar was low.

      This rules out Mises and Hayek, IOW. Actually the "who" isn't as interesting as the quote itself, for me.

  4. it Gordon Tullock?

    1. Ya, it's Tullock. How did you know? Have you read the piece before?

    2. Butting in here, but I've read the piece before so I knew it was him. On that note, you should also read the retort by (I think) Garrison and Tullock's subsequent reply.


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