Monday, October 22, 2012

Whatever you think of Jefferson and slavery, this is a really dumb sentence


"Jefferson, for example, worked his ideas backward from his primary goal of perpetuating Slavery."


  1. There is never any need to comment like this on anything written by "Alexander Hamilton".

  2. Don't know why you are linking to my (empty) blog site. The sentence you are quoting is coming from "Alexander Hamilton" who disagreed with my comment, apparently without understanding it.

    1. That's the strangest thing... something wrong with the initial link. Should be fixed.

    2. You wrote, "And most of the structure of modern government in the US is based on a quite artificial reading of the Commerce Clause - in fairly clear violation of original intent."

      Hamilton and the Federalist had no artificial reading of the Commerce Clause. Remember that they proposed the national bank and all that went with such during the First Congress.

      You really ought to read Hamilton who is very clear that Congress could do whatever it wanted under the Commerce Clause, especially when read together with the power to govern foreign trade.

      For example, Congress could mandate that healthcare had to be purchased from Canada or Mexico or the Grand Caymans, if it wanted.

  3. Daniel,

    Thank you for confirming how very little you know about the Founding Fathers

    1. Among the Founding Fathers it was Hamilton who opposed slavery, not Jefferson

    2. Name one step, act, or deed taken by Jefferson to seriously end slavery, after the Declaration. You won't be able to find one. There were always "Romney" type plans never seriously pursued.

    Wikipedia notes, "According to a 2008 history by Graham Russell Hodges and Gary Nash,

    "a small-town editor in a Susquehanna River town asked how Jefferson, 'surely the champion of civil liberty to the American people,' left 'so many human beings in fetters to be indiscriminately sold to the highest bidder.' In biting words, the editor wrote: 'Heaven inspired Jefferson with the knowledge ‘that all men are created equal.’ He was not forgetful—in his last moments he ‘commended his soul to God, and his daughter to his country;’ but to whom did he commend his wretched slaves?'"[11]

    You need to seriously rethink. There were great American Founding Fathers: Washington, Franklin, Hamilton, and Morris and a 200 year history of attempting to erase their thoughts and plans and hopes.

    1. Motherfuckers actin' like they forgot about Paine.

      *pours our a 40*


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