Monday, October 29, 2012

This is how I know it's you guys and not us...

An otherwise reasonable guy on facebook has a status message up suggesting that Krugman would think Hurricane Sandy is a good thing. That's right - what you think of when you post on the hurricane is your own warped version of Krugman.

Oh, and the first commenter said he'd think a war with Iran was a good thing.

Trust me guys - it's you. It's really not us. We don't worship Paul Krugman. You are just crazy.


  1. Yes, we are totally inventing the idea that Keynesian economists think hurricanes can be good for the economy.

    1. Yes, I linked to that very article on facebook! I found it interesting and informative - good links to current research on this stuff.

      I'm not sure Josh Mitchell is a Keynesian, though. Is he?

      This is a great example of Josh presenting good research on what to expect from a flow variable - GDP, to be exact, not well-being - when the economy is operating at below full employment, followed by an economics blogger (you in this case) making a broader statement about it being "good".

      So far my forecast is doing pretty well, Bob!

    2. Even mentioning Keynesianism is a tic that I find fascinating. You don't have to be a Keynesian to understand that a hurricane could very well boost GDP.

    3. That article wants a subscription. No matter how good it is I'm not subscribing to any publication that can't spell "Assessing" in the title of it's articles. :)


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