Thursday, October 25, 2012

A question...

Does it say something about me or about Austrians that I lost respect for George Noory when I found out he thinks fiat money is a scam?


  1. It says more about you.

    The man's job is to entertain fringe theories for four hours a day.

    It's not exactly a secret that conspiracy theories and austrian economics go together like queen Elizabeth and the reptillian overlords.

    1. I suppose, but that among fringe theories this disappointed me...

      I haven't blogged about it in a while, but I like speculating on UFO/alien stuff. Although I take it seriously as a prospect (because of the near certainty of intelligent life out there), I'm not conspiratorial (or hopeful) about the prospect... but sometimes I enjoy the guilty pleasure of Noory talking about aliens on youtube in the background. I randomly happened to come across an instance of him bringing up fiat money and had this weird sense that I had been cheated - that Noory was somehow less serious than I had originally taken him to be... a reaction that intrigued me a little.


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