Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Things people complain about which are actually awesome

Yesterday I noted that many people don't like the fourth Indiana Jones and that, unfortunately, they are wrong.

Another example is candy corn.

Candy corn is delicious and a valuable addition to any autumnal candy pile. Ryan Murphy cannot be trusted on localism, and he cannot be trusted on candy corn.

I don't know why so many people get this wrong. Add drones to the list. I think it's just too chic to say that the fourth Indiana Jones, candy corn, and drones are bad. People are afraid to buck what is perceived to be the consensus. The fourth Indiana Jones is both a good movie and in the spirit of the first three; candy corn is delicious; drones are a humane and efficient advancement in war that will help to prevent flinging hundreds of thousands of young men with guns at each other in a strange corner of the planet. Next we need to move from robot planes to robot soldiers.


  1. You forgot "Shades of Grey". It's such an underrated classic.


  3. Candy corn is good. Indiana Jones 4 was not good (though perhaps not as bad as is often made out). Drones are both good and bad.


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