Tuesday, September 18, 2012

This is exactly like Bartleby


There's some dog-specific stuff in there, but otherwise this is my cat. I wonder if some of it is just a male pet thing. Chloe was very affectionate, but she was never as obsessive about Kate and me as Bartleby is. That frame with the dog spreading eagle sitting on the couch? If you were to hide a security camera in my house facing my couch, that is the picture that you'd get nine times out of ten. We let him in the room with us at night for the first time last night - he was beside himself with excitement. It was like having a lawnmower sitting on the bed, his purring was so loud. I don't think he slept all night. Pets are wonderful things.

Bartleby on Kate


  1. reminds me of my cat... he acts more like a dog than cat... My cat actually fetches

  2. Just don't try to give him a bath, he will hold that grudge FOREVER.


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