Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reading list today

Folbre, N, 2003 "Theory of the misallocation of time", in Folbre and Bittman, eds., Family Time: The Social Organization of Care. Chapter 1.

Bera, Anil, and Bilias, Yannis. 2002. "The MM, ME, ML, EL, EF, and GMM approaches to estimation: a synthesis". Journal of Econometrics 107, pg. 51-86.

Finishing off the last couple pages of Batemarco's article on ABCT in the Elgar Companion (made me laugh at several points about all this outrage over Josh Barro).

And I should probably read some neo-Kaleckian stuff before tomorrow. But I won't. After I'm done with that I'll probably just read Moby Dick.


  1. Some Austrians are as nutty as Barro says. But he should be a little more discriminating and get that "some" in there.

  2. Regarding the Post-Keynesian stuff...

    There is a flaw in Michal Kalecki's economics, Daniel Kuehn. Kalecki and his intellectual descendants accept the limiting frequency approach to probability, while Keynes uses a Boole-derived interval estimate approach to probability. Please see the following review for more information.


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