Thursday, September 13, 2012

Brad DeLong is in DC...

He comments on the fact that the weather is actually nice in September (which it is), and then wonders what there is to do. I can't help too much on that count. I'm kind of a homebody particularly the last several years.

But one thing you could do, of course, is have dinner with Daniel Kuehn...

I had a great dinner with Brad at a neat combo bookstore-restaurant yesterday. A very nice guy with lots of interest in my dissertation plans and good advice about that and grad school. Also talked a lot of economics, especially the papers that are going to be presented at the Brookings conference he's here for, as well as some election stuff. I do not play favorites with my economist-heroes. Paul Krugman, if you are in town, you are more than welcome to go to dinner with me too.


  1. DAMN, being a good blogger really does help.

    So you get a real industry veteran to advise you on your career?

    One would not think that running a good investment banking related blog would get a dinner with Lloyd Blankfein...but one can dream!

  2. Congratulations on meeting Brad DeLong at last, Daniel Kuehn! Perhaps we could meet sometime in the future, and time shall tell!

  3. "Paul Krugman, if you are in town, you are more than welcome to go to dinner with me too."

    These Keynesians are funny guys! Just kill one of them.

    (Three Amigos reference, everyone. Don't call the cops.)

  4. Extend yourself! Reach out to Arnold Kling. He's got time on his hands these days. And perhaps you might email Tyler Cowan for restaurant suggestions.


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