Monday, March 25, 2013

Lots of good working papers today!

These ones look particularly interesting to me:

- The Great Reversal in the Demand for Skill and Cognitive Tasks by Paul Beaudry, David A. Green, Benjamin M. Sand

- Bubbles, Crises, and Heterogeneous Beliefs, by Wei Xiong

- Rethinking Elderly Poverty: Time for a Health Inclusive Poverty Measure?, by Sanders Korenman, Dahlia Remler

- A Spatial Approach to Energy Economics, by Juan Moreno Cruz, M. Scott Taylor

- Subjective and Objective Indicators of Racial Progress, by Betsey Stevenson, Justin Wolfers [the subjective well being gap has closed a lot since the 1970s, and what remains of that gap is pretty much explained by objective differences - so closing the rest of the subjective well-being gap will probably have to rely on improving economic performance].

- Inefficient Hiring in Entry-Level Labor Markets, by Amanda Pallais [This is relevant to the minimum wage discussion with Gene Callahan the other day, and another explanation for why unemployment is higher for low skill or young workers who have trouble signaling their productivity]


  1. Does anyone else get excited when they wake up Monday morning that they get to browse through the new NBER working papers - or am I just a weirdo?

  2. No, you're not weird, Daniel. You're passionate about your field, and I respect that.


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