Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lots of good news on publications

- My reply to Vedder and Gallaway is up at the QJAE. It's a reply to a rejoinder to a comment on an article... perhaps a little excessive... but the Vedder and Gallaway piece was so poorly argued and imputed so much to me that I never said, that I thought it was worth sending in a reply.

- My co-authored article on apprenticeships in the long-term care industry has been resubmitted to the Journal of Women, Politics, and Policy.

- I just found out that my co-author Marla McDaniel and I got a revise and resubmit from the Review of Black Political Economy for our article on racial disparities in the returns to a high school diploma.

My comp is next Tuesday and then I'll have much more writing work: (1.) finishing my draft chapter on the basic income guarantee, (2.) pushing forward a project with Gene, (3.) finishing off and sending in my article on Keynes and Newton, and (4.) turning around this revise and resubmit.

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