Monday, May 14, 2012

Daniel Sanchez announces that "all 10 volumes" of The Review of Austrian Economics are converted to e-book...

(Sanchez's announcement here)... it is the "full collection", boasts the Mises Institute page.

That's funny, I could have sworn The Review of Austrian Economics had 25 issues, not 10! After all, I just announced Volume 25, number 2 on here the other day, and my own article was published in Volume 24.

What's going on?



  1. Sorry, it's now fixed to say "the Mises Institute's run" of the RAE.

    1. If you weren't sure already, my smiley face at the end should be evidence that there's no need to say "sorry". Just having a little fun with some inter-Austrian friction :)

  2. The RAE is dead to the Mises Institute now, dead.


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