Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Funny Heidegger Video

Evan shared this video with me last night: "Have You Read 'Sein und Zeit'?".

Funny on two levels - because of my interest in the relevance of time for the social contract, and the general importance of time as a major factor in incomplete contracts and economic dynamics in general, I've decided I should know more of what the hell Heidegger meant by "the existential and ontological constitution of the totality of Dasein is grounded in temporality". And not just Heidegger, but anyone that has good thinking on how we experience time. Of course, I've been as frustrated in this effort as the brown rabbit in the video.

On another level, I think just about anyone can relate to this no matter what you're reading. You know there's always something that you could read to provide greater context, but you have so much other substantive stuff to read that good contextual or foundational reading is a challenge. I feel this way about the Austrian school too (more as my context than as my foundation... I do a pretty decent job going back and reading the works that are foundational to my thinking). When I get a chance, I do sincerely want to read Pure Theory of Capital and Time and Money. But don't bust my balls about reading any von Mises or Rothbard (at least reading them cover to cover) - it ain't happening till I'm old, well read in my own stuff, and have some free time on my hands!

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