Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tyler Cowen as A.C. Pigou

A very thoughtful review of Wapshott's book by Noah Smith includes this and other analogies to the modern blogosphere. I think that's good. I've never quite been comfortable with the take on Cowen as an impartial judge. He does have a clear viewpoint, and yet there is an air of impartiality about him. Noah nails it - Cowen is Pigou!

Read the review - great stuff in there. Except I'm pretty sure Economica is still going strong.


  1. While Noah Smith made a good review of Wapshott's book, I have to reiterate myself...

    Is the Keynes/Hayek clash really new? There are apparently foreshadowings of the essence of their debate in the Enlightenment. See the following book review and paper for reference.


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