Friday, November 9, 2012

New blog to follow

Extraordinary Insignificance, by Dave Churvis - a reader of this blog and an undergraduate math and econ major at Georgia State University. He posts somewhat intermittently. The most recent post is an interesting discussion of a Tyler Cowen link on the sex life of econ majors. I like Dave's theory: economists are just sexy.

I'm following the blog now, and will of course post links to things I find interesting.

I was talking to Dave about this, but it's worth sharing here too: I always ask for readers' links because I genuinely feel that we minor bloggers have to stick together. Blogging is very rough when you have slow readership, but when it's active it's a great way to disseminate ideas. And now everyone follows the big blogs. Fresh blood is important. Generating new ideas that aren't just links to the big blogs (although of course that's important too) is facilitated by a vibrant community of minor bloggers.

So start following and commenting on Dave, and please tell me in the comment section if you have a blog of your own - even if you only update it every once in a while.


  1. " I like Dave's theory: economists are just sexy."

    Of course they are. Economics has a lot of math. Economists partake of the reflected lustre and sexiness of mathematicians.

    Don't believe me: ask Landsburg!


  2. I wouldn't say 'minor' blogger captures it - your readership isn't massive, but generally people who follow the econ blogosphere will recognise you. I think that's the aim for people who are never going to be massive.

  3. This isn't a minor blog. Or at least, you're at the top of the little leagues. Since you're offering, I have a blog:


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