Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kitty personalities...

They are getting along much better. I was worried Bartleby would scare the hell out of Jinx, but actually Jinx appears to be the alpha male. He takes and keeps the high ground and has no trouble keeping Bartleby in his place. They play and wrestle a lot and Jinx never seems scared by it, which is good.

The biggest problem is that Bartleby won't leave Jinx alone. He always wants to play and Jinx gets sick of it. Hopefully they'll reach an equilibrium over time.

Oh, and Jinx eats a lot. But that may just be nerves. He's also not as thorough at cleaning himself as Bartleby which is obnoxious, but that may just be nerves too. God I hope so.

Thus, I pronounce the kitty personalities reasonably compatible, and I am relieved.

Yes, the cat posts will probably die down too. Acclimating the two was just the weekend highlight, that's all.

He's a happy kitty

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