Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A true Jeffersonian

Randall Munroe, that is.

It was just a thought that came to me reading today's xkcd comic.

They guy is trained in physics just down the road from my alma mater, worked on robots a while, and then got into web comics. But his mind is such that he's curious enough to look into the minutiae of human vision... and then write a comic about it.

Intellecutal curiosity is a really beautiful thing. Econosphere bloggers and xkcd readers are of course often in their own bubble as far as intellectual curiousity. After all, different people have different capacities to explore the unknown. Some of these capacities are probably biological and a lot are socially determined. But aside from those issues and constraints, anybody can be curious. A lack of curiosity in a person is one of the saddest things to see.

Just a thought I had when reading the comic.


  1. Do you think Randall Munroe will one day pull a Bill Watterson, and decide to leave right as the comic reaches it's peak?

    If he were to do so, I would congratulate him for artistic integrity, just like I would with Bill Watterson.

    1. Wow! I haven't heard that name in years. Calvin and Hobbes was one of my favorite comic strips as a kid. That, B.C., Wizard of Id and Hagar the Horrible. Of course, far side was also great, but that goes without saying (my all time favorite is still the dogs saying "hey").


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