Sunday, July 22, 2012

If Arnold Kling has no shades of gray at his disposal between "Greece" and "the need for entitlement reform"...

...then I think he really needs to go back to the Crayola box (or the Romance section of the bookstore?) and find one.

Still, the long-run budget problem is called a "budget problem" for a reason. There's lots of good thoughts through the links.


  1. The basic proposition seems to come down to "we need to cut middle class entitlements or raise taxes". Well duh. The Bush tax cuts were expressly intended to bankrupt the US government to put pressure on middle class entitlements and now that is happening - exactly as Bush intended.

    Now if the politicians just had the integrity to say out loud: "we cut Medicare or we raise taxes" and let voters decide, rather than lying about the choices.

  2. I agree with Absalon that the Bush tax cuts should never have been enacted, period. However, I think that a properly executed stimulus needs to be done that actually brings returns to investment. The long-term public deficit is not a problem for now.


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