Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A new blog (to me) and some great reminiscences

Miles Kimball's blog, brought to my attention by Tyler Cowen. Tyler shares a lot of great reflections on his classmates at Harvard (including Miles), which are interesting. Many were so sharp they provided quite a challenge to their professors. You should recognize many of the names, I think. This was particularly interesting:

"Brad DeLong was a few years older.  He was thought of as the slightly right-wing guy (compared to his peers he was) who read a lot of unusual history of economic thought, including Adam Ferguson.  He and his girlfriend (now wife) were inseparable and always affectionate."

The whole discussion reminded me of a lunch discussion with a couple people in the program at American when, in talking with this guy (one of the sharpest minds in our cohort), I felt "slightly right-wing" by comparison. It's funny because just like DeLong, I doubt I'm thought of that way by readers here. Everything is relative in this world, and it's intriguing how you're a different person to different communities. That particular colleague is a fan of Veblen, which I suppose counts as "unusual history of economic thought".

As usual with new blogs: (1.) I'm now following it and will share what I find interesting, and (2.) please share if you maintain or know of any other blogs I should follow!


  1. Other than Dr. D.J. Marsay's blog, which I have shown you before, I'm afraid I'm unable to recommend another blog.

    In any case Daniel, when you are doing your doctorate, are you part of a "graduating class"? If so, how big is your "class"? What other research are people doing at your university? Are their research interests entirely aligned with your own? What are their dissertations about?

  2. Chris Dillow's blog is quite well known, but I never see you mention it on here:


    In any case it really is excellent.

  3. Actually, I take that back Daniel. You might find this Indian blogger (Ramanan) with Post Keynesian sympathies to be an interesting read.

  4. Argh, I forgot the link to his blog! Here it is!



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