Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A plug for American University

Robert Vienneau writes over at Noah Smith's blog: "Why oh why can't we have more influential feminist economists?"

This would be a very good thing. If you want good instruction by feminist economists, or if you want to work in feminist economics a great place to check out would be American University's department. My understanding is that we're the first department in the U.S. to have a program on gender analysis in economics. You can do field work in gender and economics if you're a doctoral student, or you can apply to the graduate certificate in gender analysis in economics if you're not in the doctoral program. I know many other professors at AU have worked in this area even though they're not directly involved in the program. For example, I know Bob Lerman has taken some interest in this work recently - in fact he just submitted a paper that I'm a co-author on, discussing the role that apprenticeship can play in advancing low income women's labor market prospects.

A quick history of the work in feminist economics done at American, emphasizing the leadership role of Barbara Bergmann, is provided here.

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  1. Speaking of the economics of gender, there's a labor economist at my school who has written on this stuff before. His name is Adam J. Grossberg. Daniel Kuehn, you might want to look more at this guy's papers. Here's a paper on the maternal labor supply, which Mr. Grossberg was a co-author on.



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