Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hmmm... the Ron Paul people will go nuts if I get behind this

Laurence Kotlifkoff, economics professor at Boston University (and my macro professor's advisor) is seeking the American's Elect nomination for president.

The difference between this and a large chunk of the Ron Paul people is that I know he can't win (and that it's because of more than just the elite media silencing him).

But the whole third party movement as a centrist force to be reckoned with has always been intriguing to me. It actually seems like a third party movement would do more good in Congress than in the presidency. Maybe Kotlikoff should go for that Massachusetts Senate seat instead.


  1. Proportional representation is required for (1)a morally-meaningful conception of democracy, and (2) genuine multi-party governance.

  2. His solution to help to fix the economy is terrible.

    "What's needed to fix our country's coordination failure is coordinated collective action to hire, invest, and lend. And the person in the best position to help encourage and orchestrate this coordinated hiring and investment by firms and lending by banks is the President. The President needs to be the country's jobs cheerleader in a way that goes far beyond anything we've seen to date. The President has a bully pulpit. He needs to make hire, hire, hire the nation's mantra and he needs to urge those with jobs to assist their employers in making new hires. This may mean taking a smaller pay hike, accepting pay in the form of stock, or even taking a pay cut.

    Every worker needs to be asking his employer, "What are you doing to increase your employment of those who desperately need jobs?" And every employer needs to be asking his employees, "What can you do to help me hire those who desperately need jobs?"

    He's like Hoover in reverse.

  3. Dan, is he a free market politician much like you espouse to be a free market economist?

  4. Replies
    1. Am I being not nice or just painfully truthful?


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