Friday, March 2, 2012

New journal - Review of Keynesian Economics

Very exciting stuff - A new journal called the Review of Keynesian Economics will be launched in October 2012. Most of the journals associated explicitly with Keynes have a strong Post-Keynesian bent. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it does give it all a heterodox flavor. While I see some Post Keynesians on the editorial board, it looks like this one is going to be a bigger tent.

The chair of AU's economics department, Robert Blecker, is on the editorial board.

UPDATE: From the aims and scope -

"We have intentionally titled the journal Keynesian without any qualifying adjective or prefix. Our aim is to encourage research and discourse in Keynesian economics – be it old Keynesianism, fundamental Keynesianism, neo-Keynesianism, Post Keynesianism, Sraffian Keynesianism, Kaleckian Keynesianism, or Marxist Keynesianism. The journal is open to all forms of Keynesianism, which we define as (1) holding that output and employment are normally constrained by aggregate demand, (2) holding that the problematic of aggregate demand shortage exists independently of price, nominal wage, and nominal interest rate rigidities, and (3) rejecting the claim that the real wage is equal to the marginal disutility of labor.

This openness to all forms of Keynesianism reflects a desire to avoid intellectual sectarianism, which we think has afflicted past Keynesian discourse. In our view circumstance and ability certainly contributed to the success of the classical macroeconomics counter-revolutionaries, but so too did intellectual and sociological failure among Keynesians. Their tendency to apply arbitrary litmus tests and engage in intellectual sectarianism did a disservice to their project, and in doing so did disservice to society. We want to avoid repeating that history."


  1. Looks like even some Post-Keynesians are tired of Paul Davidson running the show at the JPKE, and I've heard Davidson runs the JPKE pretty tightly. Let's hope this goes well...

    Oh, and it looks like Mark Setterfield, a Post-Keynesian economist who teaches at Trinity College in Hartford, CT, is on board with the editorial team. I wish him all the best.

    Out of curiosity Daniel, will you submit to this journal in the future?

    1. "Out of curiosity Daniel, will you submit to this journal in the future?"

      Absolutely without a doubt.

      I have a lot to say about Keynes that isn't really appropriate to normal economics journals. I'm very much on board with mainstream macro, as you know - but also with the insights offered in the Keynesian tradition. I like the tenor of the Cambridge Journal of Economics and have figured I'd submit there again - but this outlet, with it's less overtly heterodox approach (although still open to heterodoxies), will definitely be attractive to me in the future to think seriously about Keynes.

  2. The define Keynesian in a very specific way though. They have 3 conditions. Do you meet those three conditions?


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