Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Let's reorient this dialogue

Iran is in the news again, and the way people talk about it is worrisome to me.

So I'm going to do my small part to change the dialogue:

On behalf of F&OST, I want to congratulate the nuclear scientists of Iran on taking an important step towards improving their energy infrastructure and towards the generation of nuclear power.

There don't seem to be any signs of an active weapons program, according to our own intelligence reports. If that is not the case, or if this is the case and your intentions change in the future, you need to understand the responsibilities associated with being in this particular club. Nuclear warheads themselves are morally ambiguous, inanimate objects. How you use them is the key. Dumping your theocrats would be a good place to start (in fact, that would be a good idea even if you never pursue weapons).

F&OST wishes you all the best in your pursuits, so long as they remain peaceful, and F&OST (unlike more naive pacifists) will always be careful to distinguish between "peaceful" and "non-nuclear power". We are not under the impression that to be peaceful, a nation must be disarmed and dependent on dirty energy sources.

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