Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bet you always thought a single tax on land was the epitome of efficiency and equity...


by Zac Gochenour (with Bryan Caplan)

I always like the chance to highlight students' research that looks interesting on here (including my own!), so if you have any to share let me know.


  1. I've been arguing against land value tax for a while. Some of Zac and Bryan's arguments are similar to mine.

    See this horrible thread if you're interested:

    I don't think it's particularly interesting, no-one is listening to the Neo-Georgists.

  2. In order to conflate Land and Capital, ideologues conflate landowner and capitalist. Once you conceptually separate the two, it it clear that if we are all joint landlord, the formation of capital cannot be adversely affected. Indeed, it helps economic efficiency by making sure land is allocated to capitalists who can use it most productively, and renters only pay for the same service once.

    Rothbard, Knight, Caplan etc, are twisted. I hope this little thought experiment helps straighten things out.


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