Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New Urban Institute President

I was in the office yesterday now that exams are over, and while I was there they happened to announce the new president of the Institute, who will be replace Robert Reischauer (who I worked as an RA for in my first couple years there). Sarah Wartell, from the Center for American Progress, is going to be the new president - starting next year. I've heard very good things about her. This statement from Wartell is a justification of her selection that I've been hearing a lot from people:

"The Urban Institute is a treasure trove of expertise, analytical tools, and independent research relevant to the hard choices ahead on housing, retirement, health, taxes, and other issues," Wartell said. "I am thrilled to join these talented scholars and researchers and those who enable their work. I want to help ensure that policymakers of all stripes can use these resources to improve outcomes and the public's return on investment from shrinking funds."

Center for American Progress is very good at promoting research and making it timely, and that's something that the Urban Institute could benefit from.


  1. I hope you have a good and productive relationship with your organisation's new leader.

    But does R.A. stand for "Resident Adviser"? I've seen a similar acronym like that when I attended boarding school...

  2. Blue, I would guess it means research analyst.

  3. *face-palm*

    Pardon my lack of good sense...

  4. The CAP is a left-wing - sorry, "progressive" - political outfit.


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