Saturday, December 3, 2011

Don't you dare tell me economics can't solve the vexing problems faced by human society

Stumbled on this the other day.


  1. The narrow problem defined by the title presents one of those problems better explained, with a simpler and definite answer, by the evolutionary sciences. (I feel like I'm stuck on one note here...)

    However, now the question is whether the evolutionary scientists have the clarity of terms to define which is which in this debate:

    In 2010, CNN reported that it was the chicken.

    In 2006, CNN reported that it was the egg.

    The quote from the 2010 piece sums up the whole debate well enough: "'The quote my colleague John Harding always says is, "could we ever be as clever as algae?"' Freeman said."

    Amazing find all the same!

  2. And - I hope everyone recognizes - this says more about human production processes than it does anything else :)

  3. Well, my six-year-old correctly pointed out that the egg came before the chicken. After all, the first chicken, it definitely came from that egg, she said.

  4. (S)he sounds like a budding theoretician. No need to run the numbers - it just makes sense!


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