Sunday, August 7, 2011

A short Romer interview

Christina Romer on Bill Maher (HT - Bob Murphy). She has very important things to say, plus it's entertaining.

Romer is an alumnus of the William and Mary economics department, by the way.


  1. The Scopes trial did not settle the debate over evolution in public classrooms in the U.S. (basically it lead to it not being taught at all until the 1960s and 1970s - only in the 1980s was the issue settled before the Supreme Court). Of course the issue still isn't settled; thus EW I, EW II in Kansas, etc.

    And of course no one could have a principled objection to Keynesenoid economics.

    As for her description of Obama, is this the same guy who invaded Libya? That sound is me rolling my eyes. Obama - like all Presidents - has repeatedly lied on all manner of things foreign and domestic in order to justify actions or otherwise push policies which are far "scientific" in their certainty.

    Apparently also anyone who isn't a Democrat "knows less." Do you really endorse that line of thinking?

  2. Nick Gillespie was recently on Maher's show BTW:

  3. Daniel,


    Yes, yes, if only everyone would adopt your "reality based" viewpoint it would all be bunnies and faeries tickling our noses.

    That is Maher's viewpoint; he said it directly.

    No, he's saying Obama screwed up because he bent to the will of those who oppose him; that's a very different sort of criticism from what he says about non-Democrats. The guy is overtly partisan and that is rather obvious.

  4. Don't be a jackass, Gary. I'm trying to point out that while Maher is certainly not pro-Republican, and I'm simply pointing out that he's not unthinkingly pro-Democrat. He's often against Democrats. He has his own viewpoint but it has little to do with an adherence to political parties.

  5. Daniel,

    Don't be a jackass Daniel (I know, it is difficult for you to avoid). Bill Maher is a garden variety Democrat; he rarely thinks outside the box and his political positions are fairly easy to predict. When he criticizes Democrats he criticizes them for not being, well, Democrats (or what he imagines Democrats ought to be) - like lots and lots of Democrats do.

  6. This is the supposedly erudite and non-partisan Bill Maher that Kuehn is defending with his usual "NO NO! IT"S NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL" approach to argumentation:

  7. Dude, what "very important things" did you find in this drivel?

  8. When push comes to shove, well, you get my point:


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