Sunday, August 7, 2011

Housekeeping notes

1. There's been a lot of anonymous commenting lately which we don't prefer - particularly if it's part of an extended conversation rather than a one-comment passerby. Please don't do this. Regular pseudonyms are fine - some sort of accountability.

2. Some people have had trouble signing in so that they don't comment anonymously - Blogger can be funny about that. Lately I've just signed in with the "Name/url" option because the "Google account" can loose my comments if I'm signed in with another email. If you do "Name/url" sometimes you have to click "submit" a couple times before the comment enters the system, but other than that I've found it to be more reliable.

3. Blogger does eat comments - I try to check the spam filter when I think of it. If you haven't been crude, rude, or ranting it's doubtful I've deleted you - just ask and I can check the spam filter.

4. A couple new commenters have shown up lately. If you have any blogs I'd be interested in knowning about them - please share the address in this comment thread. I do follow and cross-post interesting stuff from commenter blogs.

5. Do not feed the trolls. It's the best policy.


  1. How does the use of pseudonyms lead to accountability exactly?

    Anyway, anonymous speech is good speech.

  2. You can track people making an argument. There have been cases of multiple anonymous commenters in one post that get furious when - lo and behold - I am under the impression that they are the same person and have made all those comments (particularly when the tone is similar).

    There's also a problem of anonymous commenting across posts - so I reference "but you said X just yesterday" when the tone and approach are similar.

    If you keep a consistent pseudonym we can at least keep your arguments straight and coherent.

    "Virtually accountable" perhaps. We can connect a series of thoughts to a single entity.

  3. I've found that if you use the Name/URL login there is a much higher chance that your posts will be caught by the spambot.

    Since I registered with Google none of my posts have been caught by the spambot. Before that every long post and every post with a URL in it was.

  4. Hi Dan,

    Just posted here for the first time last night in your post about shadow scholars from a couple days ago. I found my way here from Gene Callahan's blog, Crash Landing. (Yes, I'm *gasp* yet another libertarian to deal with ;)

    I'm a law student with an amateur's interest in philosophy & economics. Your blog looks interesting, so I may be chiming in from time to time when there's a post that catches my eye (usually re: political theory economic methodology). I'll say the same thing to you that I said to Gene: it's definitely refreshing to come across a critic of libertarianism who is actually somewhat informed about libertarianism, and not rude/disrespectful like most clueless "liberals" and "conservative" loudmoutbs and would-be pundits are.

    Happy posting!

  5. I've got MPD. Sometimes I troll. FEED ME.

  6. Argosy Jones,


All anonymous comments will be deleted. Consistent pseudonyms are fine.