Saturday, August 27, 2011

Brief updates

I hope to be blogging more soon, but over the next couple days it's likely to be slow. I had orientation at American yesterday - met a few other doctoral candidates and got a barrage of mostly useless, but some very useful information from the school.

The big black hole of my time right now is that I'm still tying up a lot of projects from Urban even though I'm out of there - editing a very large apprenticeship report this weekend, and finishing building a dataset for another project I'll continue to be involved in through the fall. Then it'll be cleaning up the engineering chapter for the conference at the end of September - that's in very good shape.

This weekend, aside from staying inside and away from the hurricane, I'll probably be reading a lot of Aristotle and commentary on Aristotle for the history of economic thought class.

More blogging later - have a good weekend everyone.

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