Friday, April 22, 2011

Two Russian leaders making fools of themselves

First, Russian President Medvedev (short guy, second from the right in a gray suit) dancing:

And second, Russian Prime Minister (and former President... and likely future President) Vladimir Putin demonstrating how little he understands monetary policy. Folksy, "get off my lawn" crabbiness against the U.S. plays well in Russia, though.


  1. This is worse in some ways:

  2. See, I was checking comments on Paul Krugman's blog on this issue of Putin vs. American foreign policy.

    You know what I find funny?

    For such a sincere internationalist like Krugman, who seems to genuinely believe in benefits of globalization, we see a lot of economic nationalism and economic chauvinism in most of the people who comment in the NYTime's blogs. An interesting contrast.

    Lots of anti-Russian anger about how Russians hurt the American economy,.etc mixed in with mildly Russophobic comments are in there.

    For some reason, I thought that Times readers wouldn't be like this. Perhaps the angle from which I see it is New York Times --->> New York --->> Cosmopolitan. I guess they aren't very cosmopolitan.

  3. @Gary

    Beat me to it!
    Ol' Silvio just takes things to a new level.

    PS - Is it just me, or is Jack Nicholson born to play him in the titular biography?

    Amazon’s $23,698,655.93 book about flies.

    I was going to dump this on Cafe' Hardnutz, but I like you better. It's about automated trading in books in the case of a very thinly traded market.

    You're more of a macro guy, I know, but maybe you can post it or forward it to a likely blogger.

    This happens all the time on Amazon. I think it's a notable phenomenon, and something of a market failure (I'm not an economist(obviously)).


    Hacker News discussion of the article from previous comment.

    Many many books listed for hundreds of millions of dollars!


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