Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cherry Blossom Econ Humor

Every year the Urban Institute has a Cherry Blossom Walk, where we walk to the tidal basin and enjoy the cherry blossoms blooming. I didn't go this year (they did it today), but the Urban Institute president had a funny email that he sent out afterwards:

From: Robert Reischauer

To: All Staff

Subject: Note to participants in the Long March: Serious productivity fall off

With all its detours, the Cherry Blossom walk today was 5.16 miles long according to Marti Burt’s pedometer which has been carefully calibrated by NIST. Thus this was the longest walk ever. According to the individual real time blossom count conducted by John Rogers, there were only 437.2 million blossoms still left on the trees (32% of peak load), the fewest of any walk in over 25 years. This means that productivity (blossom per step) was way down. With the economy gaining steam, we hope to improve the walk’s productivity next year.

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